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Magick without Tears by Aleister Crowley

Magick without Tears by Aleister Crowley


Magick Without Tears was the last book written by Aleister Crowley. It was not published until after his death. The book is a series of letters written to various students of Magick.

Originally to be titled Aleister Explains Everything, the letters offer his insights into both magick and Thelema—Crowley's religious and ethical system—with a clarity and wit often absent in his earlier writings. The individual topics are widely varied, addressing the orders O.T.O. and A∴A∴, Qabalah, Thelemic morality, yoga, astrology, various magical techniques, religion, death, spiritual visions, the Holy Guardian Angel, and other issues such as marriage, property, certainty, and meanness.

This is a hardback second printing from 1973. It has an excellent dust jacket (covered in mylar in the photos). The book itself is clean and tight with some foxing on the outside edges and very little shelf wear.

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