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Psychometry - the Science of Touch by Bevy C. Jaegers

Psychometry - the Science of Touch by Bevy C. Jaegers


Bevy C. Jaegers was a teacher, researcher, psychic investigator, and a licensed private investigator. With over thirty years of experience in the fields of psychic phenomena, Jaegers worked with individuals and with police aiding in investigations. She was featured on A&E's The Unexplained, and was the author of The Psychic Paradigm. She was also a major force behind the US Psi Squad, a State of Missouri Registered Detective Agency, a group who in their spare time use mental abilities they have developed to help police and others.

In this book, Bevy C. Jaegers, discusses what psychometry is and how it works. She teaches that all objects are made up of atomic particles and give off some kinds of energy that everyone can access. The book is filled with examples and practical exercises. This is a surprisingly practcal and no-nonsense approach to ESP.

This book was published in 1980 by Aries Productions. The paperback is in good tight condition with no page markings.

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