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The Occult Establishment by James Webb

The Occult Establishment by James Webb


The Occult Underground is well researched history of the occult since 1918.  Webb explains the politics of occultism and its' roots before, during and after Hitler's regime

According to Wikipedia "Webb's work challenges theories of secularism, theories of decline in organized religion and spirituality. Webb argued that the 19th and 20th centuries had also been marked by a revolt against the Enlightenment, and that the rise of irrationalism was much more marked than the rise of rationalism, especially before, during and after the First World War and the Second World War. Webb traced the influence of occult and mystical groups and writers on literature, philosophy and politics.

Webb was generally ignored in his lifetime, but with the increasing rise of New Age spirituality in later years, his work now seems increasingly prescient. After increasing mental health difficulties, Webb committed suicide in 1980."

This is the paperback version of the book printed in 2004 by Open Court Publishing. There is a crease in the back of the book, but it is in otherwise excellent condition.

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