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Weird Ways of Witchcraft by Dr. Leo L. Martello

Weird Ways of Witchcraft by Dr. Leo L. Martello


Complete with sensationalized newspaper clippings, interviews with prominent witches both named and anonymous, and Medieval Spellwork, Weird ways of witchcraft is a snapshot of the emerging Neopagan movement during the counterculture 60's.

Dr Leo Martello was a contemporary Wiccan priest. In the early 1960s he founded the Temple of Spiritual Guidance and the Spiritual Independents Movement.  He was involved himself in gay rights activism, becoming a member of the Gay Activist Alliance (GAA) and authored a regular column, "The Gay Witch", for its newspaper.

This paperback copy is in very good condition. Printed in 1969, it has a stamp from the previous bookstore in the front page but otherwise, no markings or creases.

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